Allow me to tell you a story. It's a story of passion, dedication and perfection.


Luca is from San Lorenzo in Roma. He is the real deal - you know; overt gesticulation, the rolling of his r's, and first generation Australian's. 

Luca lives in Byron Bay, a small surf town on the most easterlypoint of Australia. 

Byron Bay is a place of peace, love, nature and surfing. It is prized for it'slocal fresh produce and produces some of Australia's best food brands. 

You see, this Italian fell in love with Australia. its culture, people and lifestyle but they still have a longing for the food he had been fed for years back in Italy. 

He searched high and low for cheeses in Australia which taste just like he did back home. His search was futile.  

So the boy thought he would make his own cheeses. Luca used to be a cheesemaker back in Rome. He set to work sourcing local suppliers, working on his recipes and now you can taste the final product - a select handmade range of cheeses from Byron Bay Mozzarella. 

Our milk comes from local farms, the cheeses are handmade within Byron Bay itself.


You will not have tasted mozzarella like this, it simply does not exist in Australia. It's being made the way Luca's Mama, Nona, and his Nona's Nona have been making for years back home in Italy.


The boy and his crew are proud to be able to share these cheeses with you at breakfast, lunch and dinner tables around Australia, embodying the family culture so cherished in Italy.

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